How can i make sure that my home reflects my personal style when working with an interior decorator?

How can i make sure that my home reflects my personal style when working with an interior decorator?

Instead, aim for a cozy and friendly atmosphere, as it’s the only thing that makes your home feel unique. Unsplash, maybe you’re the type of person who can make any ordinary outfit unique by adding some interesting details like jewelry or accessories. Or maybe you feel best in a simple outfit like a classic white t-shirt and black pants, with no accessories. If you like simple, minimalistic decor, don’t force yourself to add home accessories such as bohemian-style rugs or materials such as fur and leather. Remember that the focus is on creating a home that reflects your personality and taste.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy collecting rare, handmade pieces and souvenirs and combining different textures, think of your home as a white canvas ready to be painted. Conclusion With the help of the Internet and social media platforms, it is not difficult to find out your personal style and incorporate it into your interior design. Create a board on Pinterest, write down a list of your priorities, and think about your fashion style. With these tips, you can easily create a home that screams for YOU. Many interior designers participate in showhouses, and the proceeds often go to charity.

Designers have the opportunity to decorate a space that best reflects what styles and trends they are currently following. Whether in real life or virtually, a visit to one can help you use what you want to see in the comfort of your own home. Follow our Real Simple Home to find plenty of design and organization inspiration. And with that time, whether months or years, comes a confidence that allows you to fully own your personal style and not worry about what other people are doing or thinking.

Maybe it’s a professionally designed house page from a magazine that you’re drawn to, a postcard, or a piece of ribbon. UnsplashThe line between fashion and interior design is becoming increasingly blurred. So if you have a favorite fashion designer, chances are they already have a house line that you can use to decorate your house or apartment. The key for me was to develop an instantly recognizable style that should not be confused with that of others. By choosing a bold print or an eye-catching shade for your walls, you can instantly add personality to a room, whether it’s warm, earthy tones that convey your love for nature or bright pops of color that reflect your playful positivity.

For example, if comfort reigns supreme in your book but you also want a touch of style in your bedroom, you can choose one of the many wooden bedroom furniture sets that offer both. If you love music and pop culture, showing off your favorite records or using a record player as a piece of decoration, for example, is certainly a great addition to your home. By furnishing every room in your home for a different purpose, you can create a fulfilling living space that makes you happy and fits your lifestyle. Be consistent Once I figured out what worked, the key was to keep it consistent so everything from my Instagram to my blog to my business and home had a consistent style.

Instead of telling you what I think you should do to find yours — everyone is different and style comes in all kinds of forms — I’m going to share what I’ve learned. Comfort is essential, because there is nothing more frustrating about living in a space that looks like a furniture magazine or a furniture store catalog but is completely uncomfortable. Look inside and block out some of the noise While Pinterest and Instagram can offer a wealth of inspiration, it’s sometimes a good idea to step away from the screen and wheels of perfectly polished interiors.